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6 Natural Disinfectants You Need In Your Home

When most people hear “natural disinfectants” – they usually think they’re much less effective than standard cleaning products you buy at the store. After all, you want to live in a clean environment and you’ve been using these products for years (maybe decades)!

You have a routine…you straighten up after yourself, wipe down the kitchen counter after you fix dinner, and feel confident that your space is not only clean…but sterile.

One smell often associated with cleanliness is bleach – whether it’s in your laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom. A freshly bleached counter or floor is one of the cleanest and healthiest things you can have in your home.

Right? You may be surprised at the answer.

Bleach is extremely lethal to the human body. It’s capable of burning your skin, causing respiratory problems, and permanently damaging your central nervous system.

The Environmental Protection Agency lists bleach as a Category 1 toxin.  Anything that falls under this classification must be labeled with a skull and crossbones as well as the words “Danger” and “Poison.”1  Still feel good about that bleach clean?

What about other cleaning products out there? Many are ammonia-based, another tried and true cleaner your grandparents likely used. The difference now is they are made with a pleasant pine or floral scent to cover their harsh odor.

Much like bleach, ammonia can burn the skin and irritate your respiratory system. However if you ever let the two come in contact with each other things get worse. A lot worse.

The combination of bleach and ammonia creates chlorine gas – a toxin so effective that it was used during combat in World War I. It was later banned from use by international treaty. It can instantly cause your lungs to stop working.2

Are Manufactured “Green” Alternatives the Answer?

Before you run out and buy “green” cleaning products that profess to be better for your body as well as the environment…you should know they might not be much better.

The long-term effects of these goods are yet unknown. In addition, the manufacturers admit that you have to use a lot more “elbow grease” to attain the same level of clean of old standbys like bleach and ammonia. They are also extremely expensive in comparison3.

Fortunately, there are many homemade options for natural disinfectants and cleaners. You may already have many of the necessary supplies to create them in your home. Here are several easy and safe cleaners you can make in minutes.

Again, like “green” mass-produced options, you might have to scrub a little harder for the same level of clean but you’ll save money and protect your body from extremely dangerous toxins.

  1. All Natural All-Purpose Cleaner: Mix one cup of lemon juice, half a cup of white vinegar, and two cups of water in a spray bottle for a great smelling, non-toxic cleaner you can safely use anywhere.
  2. All Natural Floor Cleaner: Mix one gallon of warm water with two tablespoons of castile soap. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to give it that fresh, bright scent. Mop and dry as usual.
  3. All Natural Toilet Scrub: Mix two cups of warm water, three tablespoons of baking soda, and one-quarter cup of castile soap in a squirt bottle. Shake to combine then squirt under the rim of the toilet bowl. Let sit for fifteen minutes then easily scrub those stains away.
  4. All Natural Microwave Cleaner: Cut a lemon into quarters and place into a bowl of water. Place the bowl in the microwave and heat for five minutes. Let it sit for twenty minutes and the steam effect will make the grime on the inside of your microwave easily wipe off.
  5. All Natural Hand Wipes: Mix two cups of water, one tablespoon of castile soap, and one tablespoon of witch hazel. Add your favorite essential oils to give your wipes the scent of your choice. Place a roll of paper towels in a sealable container and pour the mixture over them. Your wipes are now ready to use.
  6. All Natural Hand Soap: Mix two cups of water and two tablespoons of castile soap in a soap dispenser. Shake to mix for an easy foaming hand soap.

These are only a few of the simple, all natural disinfectants and cleaners you can make in your own home. They are far cheaper than store-bought and you can clean your kitchen without engaging in chemical warfare.

Your family, skin, and lungs will thank you.


1 Environmental Protection Agency: Learn about Dioxin 
2 American Lung Association: Cleaning Supplies and Household Chemicals 
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