The Most Important Health Book of the 21st Century Shows You How to...

Open the Door to a New World of Healing Options

​by David Allen, President, Medical Research Associates

Solve the Mysteries of Reversing Heart Disease, Halting Cancer, Preventing Diabetes, and Defeating Over 60 Additional Medical Conditions

“Get Ready for the Gold Standard for Alternative Medicine.” - Dr. Paul Beals of Georgetown University, a practicing physician for over 44 years.

If you’ve been a seeker of alternative cures for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve come across many "secret health information" books that claim to have the cure for everything -- from cancer to heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, emphysema ... to every health condition in existence.

You may already have discovered -- to your dismay -- that those books containing a compilation of so-called "miracle cures" seldom live up to their claims and promises.

While some of the books do offer honest but misguided information, some are deliberately deceptive.

They often make misleading promises that might prove to be more dangerous than beneficial to those who are suffering from pain and disease.

The ​Two most important questions you have to ask in order to determine if an alternative "cure" really is a bona fide cure are the following:

Are the therapeutic claims based on verifiable scientific research -- or mere anecdotes and folklore?

​Have there been a significant number of cases cured by the alternative treatments presented?

The GOOD NEWS is ... there definitely are alternative treatment options available -- real cures that successfully treat every disease in existence. And your doctor has probably never heard of them!

And yet such alternative treatments and medical breakthroughs are well documented in highly respected scientific research institutions and publications.

Here’s just a small sample of some of the phenomenal, hard-to-find, virtually unknown, but scientifically documented medical breakthroughs that almost no one knows about -- even your doctor:

A Seven-Time Nobel Prize Nominee Halts Cancer With 2 Common Household Items

A German-born biochemist, ​and a 7-time Nobel Prize nominee, pioneered a simple protocol for cancer prevention.

It is based on the use of small amounts of 2 inexpensive food substances combined together in specific proportions.

Numerous independent clinical studies published in major medical journals worldwide have confirmed these 2 food items provide a powerful and effective means of preventing even the most advanced cancers.


A West African Herb That Virtually Eradicates Heart Disease

FACT: Every 25 seconds, an American will have a coronary event. According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the U.S. -- not cancer, not diabetes, and not some exotic disease.  

Discover the ancient West African herb that has been used overseas to treat over 15,000 cardiac patients over a 20-year period -- thanks to the power of this natural herb there has been NO recurrence of their cardiovascular disease!   

In fact, a German Nobel Laureate Professor called it “a blessing for heart medicine.”

Discover the 1,000 Year-Old "Sugar Destroyer" Plant That Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

This plant known as the "destroyer of sugar" in Hindi has been used for over 1,000 years in the Ayurvedic tradition to reduce fasting, post-meal and long-term blood sugar levels.

It's even been proven to kill sugar cravings in less than 2 minutes.  

When consumed before sweets it blocks the sugar receptors on your taste buds.

Research shows that it reduces the ability to taste sweetness, easily banishing sugar cravings for hours.

An Extremely Potent Anti-Inflammatory Breakthrough Does Wonders for Arthritis Sufferers

Over 3 decades of painstaking research has led to the development of an anti-inflammation remedy that reduces swollen joints by 79%!

The anti-arthritic marine lipids derived from a New Zealand mollusk have been tested extensively at the University of Queensland in Australia -- and the results are quite dramatic!

The stabilized, highly purified non-toxic lipids, now available to the public, were shown to have 200 times the anti-inflammatory power of even the most potent fish oil

An Infra-Red Helmet That Has a 90% Success Rate in Halting the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

There’s a space-age helmet that uses new “light beam” technology to reverse Alzheimer’s when used 10 minutes a day!

A study conducted at a British university proves this helmet works in as little as 30 days to halt the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease -- and restore memory.  

This totally safe and painless device yielded amazing results in 90% of patients tested. 

The Astounding F-16 Fighter Jet Pilot Secret to Lower Blood Pressure in Just 12 Minutes

In the late 1960's U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jet pilots began to experience "G-force" blackouts causing temporary loss of vision.

An American doctor commissioned to help increase "G-tolerance," accidentally stumbled on a way to safely and effectively lower blood pressure in just 12 minutes.  That's 3X more effective than 30 minutes of strenuous exercise!

This dramatically effective and safe handheld device reduced blood pressure between 19mm Hg and 25+mm Hg.

The above examples represent only 6 of the countless medical breakthroughs and alternative treatments that remain hidden from the general public.

In fact, alternative treatments, advanced devices, procedures, and powerful natural medicines do exist which have been shown to eliminate virtually every disease including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Emphysema
  • Cataracts
  • Hot Flashes
  • Migraines
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Scoliosis
  • Varicose Veins
  • Tuberculosis
  • ALS
  • Autism
  • Hepatitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Kidney Stones
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Prostate Problems
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Vision Disorders
  • Stress
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Herpes
  • Hair Loss
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Macular degeneration
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Vision Disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Psoriasis

Why Haven’t You Heard About These
Remarkable Treatment Options?

  1. 1
    Most Doctors Don't Know These Medical Breakthroughs Even Exist.
    That’s because alternative and unconventional healing modalities are not taught in medical school. And the average doctor is unable to keep abreast of all the new alternative treatments that are constantly being developed.
  2. 2
    ​​Many Of These Alternative Treatments Are Discovered Outside The U.S.
    They often get very limited press coverage, and never reach mainstream media. But by far, the MAIN REASON why you never hear about these healing discoveries is because ...
  3. 3
    The Pharmaceutical And Medical Industries Are Deliberately Trying To Suppress The Dissemination Of Information Regarding These Breakthroughs.
    They’re trying to protect their financial interests and, as such, they have to propagate the MYTH that “drugs and conventional medicine are the only way to cure disease”.

​Obviously, the pharmaceutical and medical industries have more to gain when people are sick than when they’re well.

Because of the trillion-dollar revenues they make from drugs, there’s no incentive for them to promote better health.

Therefore, they manufacture drugs that only alleviate the symptoms and sometimes the pain of disease, but do not cure disease.

How does it make you feel ... knowing there actually are effective treatments for cancer, AIDS, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis, herpes, asthma and practically all diseases that plague mankind -- and that information has been kept hidden from you all these years?

​I personally consider it an outrage -- especially because I lost my father to lung cancer 10 years ago.

And I can’t help but think of the millions of people all over the world who have died from cancer and other diseases ... whose lives could’ve been saved if they knew about these medical breakthroughs and alternative treatments.

How many people do you know who’ve died from cancer, AIDS, heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, emphysema, liver cirrhosis or other diseases in the past 2 years ... 5 years ... 10 years ... 20 years?

There’s one thing for certain: If an alternative treatment poses a threat to the earnings of the pharmaceutical and medical industries, no amount of time, effort, and expense will be spared to keep the public from knowing about it.

As a result, many of these revolutionary technologies and treatments have been forced to "go underground" by Big Pharma and the medical industry. And thus, they remain totally hidden to the general public.

Just think ... what would happen if everyone knew about the German doctor’s inexpensive cancer cure that anyone can implement easily at home?

Why, that would wipe out the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry that depends on the public’s reliance on traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, surgery and radiation!

See “Cardiovascular Disease” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

And imagine what would happen if everyone knew about the $200 cure for HIV / AIDS ... the infra-red helmet that has a 90% success rate in reversing Alzheimer’s ...

...The extremely potent anti-inflammatory lipid that dramatically reduces the swelling of arthritic joints ... and the herb that eliminates heart disease.

That would devastate the multi-billion dollar AIDS, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and heart disease industries!

​In the next few minutes, as you read this article in its entirety, you will discover countless remarkable "cures" for nearly every disease or affliction that you or your loved ones are suffering from right now, or may suffer from in the future.

Each one of these "cures" have been thoroughly researched and scientifically validated -- and they are safe, inexpensive, and have no side effects.

Take a look at these 2 little-known medical breakthroughs:

Discover the secret all-natural, “universal antibiotic” 

That clobbers nearly all potentially life-threatening infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites of these health hazards and potential catastrophes.

See “Colds & Flu, & MRSA” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

A Natural ED Remedy With a 92.5% Success Rate!

​A stunningly successful erectile dysfunction (ED) supplement has been developed by a physician from the Medical University of Sofia in Bulgaria. It’s a combination of a plant extract and an amino acid. Following two months of use, 80% of the study participants no longer experienced ED, while 92.5% were symptom free after three month’s use.

See “Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Health” Section in “Part Four: Men's Health.”

And imagine what would happen if everyone knew about these breakthroughs?

​Who Am I -- And Why Should You Believe Me?

My name is David Allen. I’m the President of Medical Research Associates, a private, Florida-based company specializing in investigative reporting in the fields of health and medicine.

​Over the last 8 years I, together with my expert team of ...

  • ​Traditional and integrative physicians (MDs)
  • ​Naturopathic physicians (NDs)
  • ​Ph.Ds who specialize in a broad range of health and medical topics
  • ​Contributing medical writers, editors, researchers, investigative medical journalists
  • ​and a senior Medical Advisory Board

... have spent tens of thousands of hours doing exhaustive research to uncover, validate, and document nearly every single medical breakthrough and alternative treatment that has been suppressed, silenced, ignored or forced to "go underground" by Big Pharma and the medical establishment.

Why have we done this?

Well, for me personally, it’s because my father died of lung cancer 10 years ago. His slow, agonizing death was a heavy blow to me.

To see someone I love go from being a vibrant, energetic and wonderful human being to a frail, weak and emaciated person deteriorating in front of my very eyes ... was a painful experience indeed.

The worst part was having to watch helplessly as he suffered -- while I wasn’t able to do anything about it.

Since then, I’ve been on a personal mission to spare others from ever having that feeling of helplessness ... of not being able to do anything when it comes to their health and the health of their loved ones.

You see, I realized it’s not just my father.

It’s millions upon millions of fathers, and mothers, and brothers, and sisters, etc. that need this type of real, practical medical help.

It has become the single-minded goal of our team at Medical Research Associates to bring to every person and every household the power and freedom to choose from among the most effective healing disciplines available -- so no one ever has to settle for the limited options that conventional medicine offers.

It features cutting-edge, state-of-the-art health information, alternative treatment options and effective solutions for virtually any disease or health problem you or your loved ones have, or might have in the future.

​In order to accomplish this goal, we’ve published a 380-page, 8" X 11" book titled The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments (also available as an e-book) containing a definitive, never-before-published compilation of alternative health and medical discoveries.

This book is the real deal. It's been featured on the news and is highly recommended by doctors.

Please make no mistake. This is no ordinary health book.

Unlike the medical options offered by Big Pharma and mainstream medicine -- which simply treat the symptoms but don’t cure disease -- this book focuses on remedies that treat the underlying causes of illness and disease.

This addresses the root of your problem, thereby eliminating it once and for all.

Every alternative treatment and medical breakthrough discussed in The Encyclopedia has been thoroughly researched, meticulously fact-checked and verified for its effectiveness ...

...Before it was allowed to be a part of this groundbreaking book.

Over 1,300 footnotes reference peer-reviewed, published medical research and scientific studies that assure the accuracy of the treatments, procedures, modalities, and supplements that are featured in this book.

Many of the alternative treatments which are featured have never been written about in any other publication, book or reference material. 

And don’t let the word "encyclopedia" fool you -- this book is easy and fun to read. 

It’s written with the layperson in mind, so it’s not too technical. However, it has an abundance of footnotes in case you want to investigate any topic more thoroughly.

In fact, think of all the TV commercials you’ve seen that advertise drugs which supposedly “cure” various ailments.  

Here are some of them: drugs for depression ... erectile dysfunction ... acid reflux ... herpes ... osteoporosis ... Alzheimer’s ... diabetes ... hair loss ... incontinence ... colds and flu, and many more. 

​You can find an effective alternative treatment for every single one of these health conditions in The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments.

And unlike drugs, these alternative treatments are safe, have no side effects and cost a lot less than drugs.

Here’s how easy it is to use The Encyclopedia:

One:  Simply look up any specific ailment, disease or health problem in the Index of the book.

Two: Turn to the page(s) where alternative treatments for the specific disease are located.

Three: Voila! You’ll find an amazing amount of in-depth, eye-opening information -- often not just one, but several effective treatment options -- and everything is spelled out in easy-to-understand layman’s terms.

You’ll find compelling evidence about why the alternative treatments get to the root causes of the disease, and why they are scientifically proven to be effective.

And best of all, The Encyclopedia gives detailed information on product sources, health practitioners or service providers that offer every alternative treatment -- all the way down to dosages, when necessary.

For example: When you look up "Cancer" in the Index, you’ll find 25 pages containing 12 of the most effective alternative treatments for cancer -- including the powerful 2-ingredient "formula" that’s proven successful in treating even the most advanced cancers.

When you look up "Pain Relief," you’ll find an entire chapter containing 15 of the best alternative treatments available. 

They range from a pain relief technique that uses only light pressure on neurological reflexes, which turns pain off instantly ... to a revolutionary blanket that shields pain away ... and a wonder pain reliever banned by the FDA!

This Book is Not an Expense ... It Actually Saves You Money

It has escaped no one’s attention that our economy -- not just in the United States, but the entire world -- is in miserable shape.

Jobs are scarce, businesses are closing down or going out of business ... and money is tight.

So why would you buy yet another book about health -- especially when there’s so much information to be found on the Internet?

Here’s why: Although there’s health content online that might appear useful, in actuality ...

... there’s a lot unsubstantiated and unproven health information on the Web!

Yes, it’s true.

Erroneous, inaccurate, poorly researched and recycled factoids, half-truths and "marketese" abound online ... all masquerading as bona fide health information.

Turning to The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments, on the other hand, is not another needless expenditure. Rather, it’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

Consider this:

Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control, and so are the prices of prescription drugs, doctor visits, medical treatments, conventional therapy, and hospitalization. 

Owning The Encyclopedia will actually save you money -- to the tune of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars!

That’s because the book presents treatment options that cost much less than the cost of conventional treatments -- and are less invasive, less risky and have no side effects! (See the preview of amazing cures below.)

​“The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments

is a document of immeasurable proportions. Following years of exhaustive research into a range of alternative treatments from Nutrition to Chinese Medicine to Herbal Medicine to high-tech breakthroughs, The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs is an assemblage of a veritable wealth of possibilities for virtually every major affliction known to humanity.

This vast array of data is compiled into a document that is extremely user friendly. The information—that each and every person will easily be able to access—will be invaluable to all those people who are frustrated with the ineptitude and lack of flexibility of Western Medicine.

​Here, every person will be able to find effective, alternative treatment choices for the common maladies that afflict them, as well as the latest research information pertaining to these subjects. Even I, a Naturopathic Doctor & Licensed Acupuncturist for over 20 years, found many new choices that I will be able to recommend to my patients.”

-Jim Cross, N.D., L.Ac.

​Written for the Layperson ...
But Compelling Enough for Doctors!

When we were deciding on the title for this book, I was a bit concerned that the word "encyclopedia" would give people the impression that it’s a boring reference book like the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR).

When you glance at any page of our book, you’ll know without a doubt that it’s written for the layperson. It’s not too technical -- and it’s easy to understand.

It’s the only "encyclopedia" that’s so interesting to read that it’s hard to put it down.

Also, you’ll probably find a good joke or two -- just enough to keep you smiling.

Nevertheless, even doctors (both traditional and alternative) who demand to be shown "the science" behind everything ... are utterly amazed by the phenomenal information contained in the book, and its level of documentation!

The Encyclopedia is now used regularly by enlightened doctors who want to avoid treating patients with prescriptions that have harmful side effects.

Instead, whenever possible, they prescribe safer, alternative treatments that are equally, if not more, effective.

Dr. Richard Simmons is just one of countless doctors that have raved about The Encyclopedia -- and has said enthusiastically that this book should be in everyone’s home.

Dr. Simmons is a medical doctor who is a member of the faculty at Ohio State University School of Medicine, where he’s an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology. He’s also the former Chairman of the Alternative Medicine Committee of the Columbus Medical Association.

Dr. Simmons and his wife used some of the discoveries presented in the The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments to help treat and prevent their own and their family’s and friends’ ailments.

Here are 4 more rave reviews from doctors who are amazed by the content of The Encyclopedia:

​"This is the ‘gold standard’ ...the ‘bible’ for alternative medicine’s phenomenally helpful."

Years ago, I got into holistic nutrition and complementary medicine and set up a holistic program for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, liver disease, and the list goes on and on. But my challenge was finding the resources for all this valuable information ... because conventional medicine, conventional doctors, and journalists don’t have this information.

“So I was really fortunate a few years ago to come across ’the gold standard,’ ’the bible’ for alternative medicine and nutrition ... and it’s called The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments ...

...Over my 30 years of alternative medicine I’ve never seen a resource like this one ... It should be in everybody’s home and in every doctor’s office.

“But what’s exciting about this is that it’s written for the layperson. In other words, when you don’t respond to drugs and surgery, where do you turn? You can’t expect your traditional doctor to have this information.

You’ve got to have it yourself. This is the one source I’ve found to be phenomenally helpful ... actually saving people’s lives ... giving information you won’t find anywhere else."

Paul Beals, M.D., C.C.N. Georgetown University School of Medicine (Course Instructor 1996-2004: Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine)

Click play to hear Dr. Beals review the Encyclopedia

​"This book is the right thing for you!"

The two sections of The Encyclopedia that I found the most fascinating are the ones on cancer and cardiovascular disease.

I have a very personal interest in cancer not only because I have some very close colleagues who treat cancer patients, but my wife developed cancer some six years ago ...

We’re using some of the suggestions found in The Encyclopedia to help her avoid further surgery and further progression.

“I really believe that this encyclopedia should be found in every person’s home as a reference book for any kind of problem they might face... You have to take control of your own health.

The body can heal itself. 

The doctors don’t heal you. It’s you healing yourself. But you’ve got to have the right tools, and this tool is a tremendous tool to help you take control of your own health."

Richard Simmons, M.D.
Associate Professor, Ohio State University School of Medicine

Click play to hear Dr. Simmons review the Encyclopedia

​"A most amazing book... goes far beyond anything I’ve ever used ... something that every physician and every patient is going to want in their home or office."

One of the major goals in my practice was to find the ultimate cause or causes of my patients’ problems ... and that is not always the easiest thing to do.

But I’m sitting here right now looking at a most amazing book. The book is called The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments.

This is a book I wish I’d had many, many years ago. It would have saved me amazing amounts of time and trouble and ... many, many years of study ...

I’ve had other encyclopedias of natural medicine and books over the years, but they were nothing like this. This book goes far beyond anything that I’ve ever used.

This book is going to be something that every alternative physician, and probably ultimately every regular physician, and every patient is going to want in their home or office so that they can get the most benefit and the answers that are necessary to get their health condition handled.”

​Ross Andersen, N.D., D.C.

​Click play to hear Dr.  Andersen review the Encyclopedia

​“... a most valuable resource ... should become a reference
staple for every home and medical school.”

I keep a copy [of The Encyclopedia] in each one of my patient rooms, and it often helps my patients find out more about what’s going on with them, or even suggest a treatment modality ... They will often find some information that can help a family member or someone they know when they’ve been told there’s no hope, there’s no answers. Then they find out , hey, I’m not boxed in.

The book is much quicker than looking all over the internet for information and, the amount of information that’s in the book ... you could not possibly find it on the internet. There’s no way to short-cut it. [The Encyclopedia has] that much in it.

Your health, my health, is our most important asset. It’s something that we have to protect. And protecting it can be expensive.

They say that “an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure” and that is more important now than perhaps any other time ... because our economy isn’t that good.

If you can do something to prevent an illness or if you can find a relatively inexpensive way to treat a problem, it’s well worth the effort. The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs has a storehouse of knowledge of ways to treat things that most physicians are completely in the dark about.”

Charles C. Adams, M.D.

​Click play to hear Dr.  Adams review the Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments

Is not just a reference book that you’ll keep on the shelf. Once you flip through just a few pages, you’ll realize this is a book you’ll need to keep close to you. That’s because you’re going to use it frequently -- not just to find solutions to your own health problems, but to help your family members and circle of friends.

Don’t be surprised if you become a hero among your family and friends because when you share your new-found knowledge with them, you’re likely to help alleviate their ailments, and possibly even save their lives!

I assure you that once you’ve had the chance to read this book from cover to cover, you’ll know more about the most effective, least expensive and safest alternative treatments ... than 99% of the population. You’ll know even more about effective, alternative treatments than most doctors and health professionals!

A Preview of What You’ll See Inside...

​When you preview The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments risk-free, here are just a few of the health discoveries and little-known alternative therapies you’ll find for specific health conditions ... from A-to-Z:


  • Cure drug addiction virtually overnight with a natural plant substance. It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. This plant has been researched by psychiatrists from many prestigious universities, including New York University School of Medicine and the University of Miami School of Medicine. Very high success rate. 
  • ​French-American physician cures his addiction to alcohol using a common muscle relaxant medication -- which apparently suppresses cravings for alcohol, cocaine, and heroine. University of North Carolina studies confirm the medication’s effectiveness. Many have discovered this technique by reading the doctor’s tell-all book, which achieved best-seller status in France in 2008. See “Part Six: Mental Health.”

Alzheimer’s Disease

FACT: 10% percent of people over 65 years of age and 50% of those over 85 years of age have Alzheimer’s disease. The number of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease in the United States is expected to be 14 million by the year 2050.

​Alzheimer’s Disease is no longer incurable! Here’s how to protect yourself and your family from acquiring Alzheimer’s ... and learn the latest, little-known discoveries for reversing the disease naturally even in late-stage sufferers.

  • ​One of the world’s leading immuno-geneticists blows the whistle on the immensely popular flu remedy that increases your risk of Alzheimer’s ten-fold! Shocking results of 10-year study hidden from the public. Learn how to protect your family!
  • ​Space-age helmet uses new "light beam" technology to reverse Alzheimer’s in just 10 minutes a day! English study proves it works in as little as 30 days to halt the progression of the disease and restore memory. Amazing results found in 90% of patients tested. Totally safe and painless.
  • ​The head of the Department of Neurochemistry at the University of Graz in Austria has discovered a new enzyme that makes “vegetative” end-stage Alzheimer’s victims normal again! Austrian study of severely demented Alzheimer’s victims showed this over-the-counter product not only halted disease progression but significantly reversed the cognitive and behavioral symptoms.
  • ​University of California scientists reverse Alzheimer’s disease with arthritis medicine ... sometimes within minutes! Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Inflammation exclaimed, “I noticed clinical improvement ... within minutes following treatment.” See “Alzheimer’s Disease” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Anti-Infective (Colds, Flu, etc.)

​FACT: The cold season is big business for the medical industry. In the U.S., the common cold leads to 75 to 100 million physician visits annually at a conservative cost estimate of $7.7 billion per year.

​Americans spend $2.9 billion on over-the-counter drugs and another $400 million on prescription medicines for symptomatic relief.

  • ​Do you fear potentially life-threatening infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites? Discover the natural, “universal antibiotic” that clobbers all of these health hazards and potential catastrophes. It’s the hidden solution for virtually every infection including asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, UTIs, and more!
  • First there was SARS ... then bird Coronavirus. What’s next? Learn how to protect yourself and your family from life-threatening viral and bacterial challenges. Several anti-infective treatments are revealed that are virtually unknown.
  • ​Israeli-developed fruit extract cuts flu recovery time from 9 days to just 3 days! If taken when symptoms first appear, flu is "cured" within 24 to 48 hours. This flu-fighting extract has been tested on dozens of flu strains in many countries. It works every time!
  • ​Discover the real cause of the cold and flu season. Recent findings by scientists reveal it’s a simple deficiency in one inexpensive vitamin! Kiss the cold and flu season goodbye for less than $5 per month.
  • ​Discover the safe-and-effective, all-natural flu vaccine that outperforms potentially dangerous drug company vaccines hands down. Learn why the major media hasn’t told you about this pennies-a-day preventive and cure. See “Colds and Flu” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions” and “Part Seven: General Treatment Options.”


​FACT: An estimated 46 million U.S. adults -- or 1 in 6 American adults -- have arthritis. As the U.S. population ages, this number is projected to increase to 67 million by 2030.

​Here’s why arthritis need no longer be a threat to your health.

  • ​Supposedly “safe”, popular arthritis pill actually accelerates cartilage breakdown! Thousands of innocent victims take this pill daily without knowing the real risks. Big sales for Big Pharma, but bad news for your joints.
  • Little-known extracts from two common vegetables reduces inflammation, relieves osteoarthritis pain, and stimulates cartilage repair. Unlike glucosamine and chondroitin, this dynamic duo works best on individuals having more severe cartilage loss.
  • ​The anti-inflammation sensation! Reduces swollen joints by 79%! This little-known wonder from New Zealand has 200 times the anti-inflammatory power of even the most potent fish oil. Can be taken orally or used topically. Elite European marathon runners and cyclists use this to reduce bronchial inflammation and swelling. See “Arthritis” Section in “Part Two: Chronic Pain.”


  • ​Why Amish children are rarely afflicted with autism. Learn the shocking link between modern pediatric care and this heart-wrenching disorder that affects nearly 1 in 50 American children.
  • ​Learn how to protect your children from autism. More and more doctors are beginning to recognize a strong link between autistic children and the deficiency of a 15-cent-per-day vitamin. Prevent your children from being a victim for under $5 a month. See “Autism” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”


(Angina, Blood Clots, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Heart Attack, Stroke)

​FACT: Heart disease is the #1 killer of both men and women in the United States. It accounts for one-third of all deaths in the Western world. Stroke is the #3 killer.

​Here are breakthrough solutions to heart disease that you must arm yourself with.

  • ​Lower your dangerous cholesterol by 20% -- naturally. Just as powerful as the most effective statin drugs without side effects! Astounding benefits include raising your "good" cholesterol, reducing angina attacks, and helping you lose weight!
  • ​Reduce cholesterol and the frequency and intensity of angina attacks with a special type of natural vitamin B. It’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways of reducing these bothersome symptoms -- without side-effects.
  • ​In the early 1960s, it was reported in the American medical literature that taking specific doses of a common mineral for 1 to 2 weeks is sufficient to end even the most severe angina attacks. Unfortunately, this simple mineral treatment isn’t patentable, competes with pharmaceutical drugs, and has therefore been pushed into virtual obscurity. But you can buy it at your local pharmacy.
  • ​A 2,500-year old Indian plant medicine reduces angina by 50% -- and blood pressure, body weight, and LDL cholesterol as well. It also improves congestive heart failure, protects against heart disease, and combats some cancers. Compared to the drug nitroglycerin -- which has many side effects and becomes less effective with continued use -- this product really is dynamite!
  • ​This natural substance can save your life when you’re having a heart attack. If you are at risk, you need to put this natural product in your cupboard, purse, or wallet now! Rub it on your stomach at the first symptoms of a heart attack. It reduces heart damage by 85% as reported by the University of Cincinnati in the journal Circulation. Learn what to ask for at your local pharmacy.
  • ​When taken at the first sign of a heart attack or stroke, a cup of tea made from this readily-available herb can save your heart, your brain, and your life. Don’t take any chances. Always keep this herbal tea in your cupboard should lightning strike. The doctor who discovered this remedy stated, "In 35 years of practice ... I have never lost one heart attack patient ..."
  • ​A 2000-year-old secret formula can stop angina and related leg pains -- plus fix your agonizing restless leg syndrome! Learn how you can benefit from this ancient herbal miracle that was secretly smuggled out of a Tibetan monastery in the 1850s.
  • ​Benefit now from the heart disease cure patented in 1994 by a two-time Nobel Prize-winning chemist. After announcing his artery-unclogging breakthrough formulation -- a combination of vitamins and amino acids -- he was ridiculed and pushed underground by the medical establishment. Did his discovery threaten the $475 billion per year U.S. heart disease industry?
  • After a heart attack, you have to act FAST to save your failing heart muscle! There’s a short window of time before the blood-deprived cells die and heart muscle damage occurs. If taken in time, this special type of sugar awakens hibernating heart tissue and speed-heals the heart muscle -- cell-by-cell. 
  • Dissolve blood clots and arterial plaque with the help of a silk worm. Discovered by a famous German doctor who says it’s even more effective than chelation therapy.
  • ​Do you love your high-calorie diet? Want to find out how to eat what you crave without the harmful side-effects of diabetes and cardiovascular disease? It’s like having your cake and eating it, too.
  • ​Get the benefits of omega-3 fish oil, but without the risk of heavy-metal contamination! This secret from the sea is 50 times more potent as an antioxidant and is better absorbed, too!
  • ​Stop a heart attack dead in its tracks with a Nobel Prize-winner’s "lost" heart-healing breakthrough first discovered in 1862! Patients who use this substance at the onset of an attack are completely symptom-free in as little as 5 minutes! Now banned throughout the world, except in Germany. Learn how to get it in the U.S.
  • Thousand-year-old Japanese cheese-like food dissolves blood clots better than any pharmaceutical drug,reduces blood pressure quickly, and suppresses thickening of the arteries. A life-saving miracle treatment for cardiovascular disease.
  • ​Dissolve years of artery plaque buildup! Two tablespoons of these vegetable-derived granules daily restores arteries to youthful condition. Also lowers LDL cholesterol while boosting HDL cholesterol.
  • ​In only a few weeks, a new "pressure wave" breakthrough device increases blood flow to your body, decreases high blood pressure, creates new pathways around blocked arteries, significantly reduces angina symptoms, and even benefits Parkinson’s patients!
  • ​Hand-held device requires only several minutes of use to receive the blood pressure lowering benefits of 90 minutes of exercise! Use while watching TV, reading, etc. Originally developed by the U.S. Air Force, this breakthrough technology has been proven in more than 10 scientific studies.
  • ​Once-paralyzed stroke victims are HEALED! This physician-developed therapy re-wires the brain and restores function to damaged limbs and brains. Even the most severely impaired patients experience near miracles -- even after years of paralysis.
  • ​One million Americans are disabled from stroke every year. University of Texas physician reveals how you can prevent brain damage from a stroke with coffee, whiskey, and an ordinary bath towel! Learn these simple steps to save your brain! See “Cardiovascular Disease” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”


​FACT: Cancer is the No. 2 killer in the United States, afflicting almost 50% of the men and 30% of the women in their lifetime. Here’s why you never need to fear cancer anymore.

  • Seven-time Nobel Prize nominee discovers effective cancer treatment using 2 common household items. Known since the early 1950s, this information is a grave threat to the cancer industry. Once-skeptical cancer doctor later declares, “[what I’ve learned] to my initial disbelief but lately, to my complete satisfaction in my practice, is ’cancer is easily curable’ using this method”.
  • ​The simple test developed by a German biochemist that transforms cancer chemotherapy from being virtually ineffective to over 80% effective.
  • ​Stop cancer from spreading! Many cancers aren’t life threatening -- unless they spread throughout the body. Amazing fruit extract attaches to cancer cells and prevents them from sticking to healthy cells. The cancer dies and is naturally flushed from the body. It’s so effective, it’s been patented by an American cancer specialist.
  • ​Did you know that having cancer surgery may actually kill you faster than no surgery at all?
  • ​Cancer patients take a nap and wake up cancer free! This non-surgical, German wonder treatment works quickly to vaporize deadly tumors with no pain and no side-effects! This technology could almost single-handedly eliminate the cancer industry.
  • ​The simple test developed by a German biochemist that transforms cancer chemotherapy from being virtually ineffective to over 80% effective.
  • Stop the pain! Common mineral quickly relieves the pain of even advanced cancers! Take it orally or rub it on.
  • Topical cream from vegetable extract cures -- yes cures -- virtually 100% of non-melanoma skin cancer! This little-known breakthrough has been proven to work on more than 100,000 patients since 1978. 
  • ​Women, protect yourselves with this military-developed technology that’s far better than a mammogram. This test can detect the first signs of pre-cancerous development up to 10 years sooner than mammography.
  • ​Dr. "M" -- the man who furnishes his clients the most comprehensive cancer treatment plans for over 200 different types of cancers. If you want "comprehensive," call Dr. "M." An internationally-known writer, he’s authored 11 books and produced three documentary films related to cancer treatment, including a section in The Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • ​Have you ever wondered if you have cancer? Learn about the simple test that detects cancer anywhere in the body with a 95% accuracy rate. See “Cancer” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

​Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • ​Relieve your fatigue permanently in 7 days! Over-the-counter, two-mineral combination works in more than 90% of cases.
  • Eliminate chronic fatigue with this unique, no-calorie sugar. Quickly boosts energy levels at the cellular level, improves sleep quality, mental clarity, well-being, and eliminates pain.
  • ​Get the edge. Discover the secret energy booster used by Russian cosmonauts and Olympic athletes. Be at the top of your game with this natural substance that provides both enhanced mental and physical performance. See “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”


  • ​Cataracts show nearly 100% reversal -- and vision restored -- with this treatment from the Hemholtz Research Institute of Eye Disease in Russia. Even 80% of late-stage cataracts show improvement. See “Vision Disorders” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”


  • ​Eliminate the symptoms of major depression in under 2 hours with a common anesthetic drug. After 24 hours, 71% of the treated individuals experienced significant improvement, while 29% had total symptom elimination. The lead physician of the study said, "We have broken the sound barrier in depression treatment..." See “Part Six: Mental Health.”


  • Are you ill but don’t know why? Maybe you are being poisoned by your environment. According to an Environmental Working Group study, American newborns have an average of 200 industrial chemicals flowing through their veins. Later in life, more chemicals are added. How many do you have? 

Type II Diabetes

​FACT: Approximately 30 million people in the U.S. (over 9% of the U.S. population) suffer from diabetes.  As many as half of all diabetics, or almost 10 million people, are unaware they have the disease.

  • ​Diabetics: Save your eyes and your feet now! Enlightened doctors are reversing 90-95% of Type II and seeing marked improvement in Type I diabetics in about 30 days. Learn how to rid yourself of this disease, which jeopardizes your health and your life ... in the privacy of your own home.
  • ​Eliminate neuropathy with the invention of an award-winning American physician! Stabbing pains and burning sensations reduced by an average of 95%. Reduces numbness and restores feeling in 83% of users! This high-tech device is covered by Medicare.
  • ​Diabetic ulcers are painlessly healed with this special massage technique. Even the most difficult ulcers vanish quickly. Amazing remedy developed by an American physician. See “Diabetes” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Erectile Dysfunction

  • ​A stunningly successful erectile dysfunction (ED) supplement has been developed by a physician from the Medical University of Sofia in Bulgaria. It’s a combination of a plant extract and an amino acid. Following two months of use, 80% of the study participants no longer experienced ED, while 92.5% were symptom free after three month’s use.
  • ​Natural cures for erectile dysfunction outperform Viagra® and Cialis® with absolutely no harmful side-effects. Like a rock, all night long. See “Part Four: Men’s Health.”


  • ​Get a whole-body workout simply by standing still! Is this for real? Discover the facts about this Russian-developed high-tech method that will work for you in your own home. Whether you’re an athlete or couch potato, this "10-minute method" provides more overall benefits than hours of exercise. Used by most professional football, baseball, and hockey teams. See “Part Seven: General Treatment Options.”

Foot Pain

  • ​Quick cure for foot pain and aching feet -- plantar fascitis, flat feet, heel pain, and foot-related knee and lower back pain. Takes 5 seconds to use. Developed by the Medical Director of Ballet Pacifica. See “Foot Pain” Section in “Part Two: Chronic Pain.”

Hair Loss

  • ​Developed by German dermatologists, this amazing cream stops and even reverses hair loss for 95% of women and 70% of men who use it! Outperforms other highly-touted hair loss "cures." See “Hair Loss” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Headaches / Migraines

  • Herbal migraine spray stops pain completely in 66% of users -- 88% report improvement -- in six-and-a-half minutes.
  • ​Minor surgery to a small face muscle can make your migraine headaches disappear. Seventy-five percent of the study participants report total elimination of further headaches, while the pain of the remaining participants was substantially lessened. Discover the little pre-surgery trick that will foretell whether the surgery will work for you. See “Migraines” Section in “Part Two: Chronic Pain.”


  • Canadian physician stumbles upon a cure for herpes. No side-effects ... unlike with drugs prescribed for herpes. Treat the real underlying cause, not just the symptoms! Patients have remained herpes-free for 20+ years! See “Skin Conditions” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Indigestion / Heartburn / GERD (see also IBS below)

  • Put out the fire caused by indigestion and acid reflux now! This special formula has been sold in the United Kingdom since 1812. But, it takes a precise mixture of the 3 key ingredients!
  • ​Imagine never experiencing heartburn pain again! Doctors in a Brazilian study are amazed by the 100% cure rate for the symptoms of acid reflux and GERD, simply by using this combination of 7 natural ingredients. In just 40 days, all 175 heartburn sufferers reported total elimination of their symptoms! Beats the best drug store remedy hands down.
  • ​Who knew oil from a fruit could stop your acid indigestion -- cold? This extract, taken for 20 days, eliminates heartburn symptoms for six months, or even longer! See how this 20-day miracle fruit-oil treatment can put out the fire for you. See “Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • ​This super-strain of friendly bacteria produces up to a 90% decrease in the severity and frequency of IBS symptoms. Unlike most probiotics that are destroyed by the acidic environment of the stomach, this new strain survives easily and colonizes the entire intestinal tract, eliminating dangerous bacteria and relieving painful irritation. See “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Leg Cramps

  • ​This common vitamin is almost universally effective in treating nighttime leg cramps. See “Leg and Muscle Cramps” Section in “Part Two: Chronic Pain.”

Lyme Disease

  • ​Several clinical trials have shown this special extract from a South American plant brings symptom relief to a high percentage of Lyme Disease sufferers. See “Lyme Disease” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

  • Eliminate Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA) in minutes with a specific frequency (color) of ordinary light. Researchers at the New York Institute of Technology made this amazing discovery. See “Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Multiple Sclerosis

  • ​Italian physicians develop a monumental new treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. Traditional doctors and "official MS organizations" are up in arms ... while 73% of his patients have no more MS attacks! See “Multiple Sclerosis” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Nutritional Supplements

  • ​These days, taking nutritional supplements is critical to your good health. Many of the foods we eat are full of chemicals and lacking in nutrients. Learn how to purchase any nutritional supplement at a 40-60% discount. This information alone will pay for the price of this book many times over. See “Appendix C: Dietary Supplements.”


  • ​Only recently available in the U.S., this 300-year-old Chinese herbal bone-healing formula not only increases bone density of osteoporosis sufferers, but also aids in quickly healing even traumatically-fractured bones -- 95% reduction in swelling, 98% reduction in pain, and a 98% improvement in healing.
  • ​Milk drinkers and dairy users throughout the world have the highest average bone mineral density, but experience much higher rates of osteoporosis and bone fractures than non-dairy users. That’s a documented fact! See “Osteoporosis” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Pain Relief

FACT: According to the American Pain Society, pain is the most common ailment for all people. 42% of adults in the United States experience pain daily and 89% monthly. Pain medications are the second most-prescribed drugs after cardiac-renal drugs.

​Here are natural alternative pain relief solutions that really work and have no side effects.

  • ​Turn off pain with this "Holy Grail" of pain relief technique that uses only light pressure on neurological reflexes. This “magic switch” turns pain off instantly. After witnessing a demonstration using many doctors as "guinea pigs," one physician remarked, "Here’s a miracle I wouldn’t have believed if I wasn’t there to witness it."
  • ​Other pain relievers: There’s an entire chapter featuring 15 of the best alternative pain relief treatments such as ... the revolutionary blanket that shields pain away ... Turn the pain switch OFF! ... and a wonder pain reliever banned by the FDA! See “Part Two: Chronic Pain” and “Part Three: Pain Relievers.”


  • ​Prevent brain and spinal cord injuries from automobile and sports accidents -- and other traumatic injuries -- with a simple extract from wood. When this substance is administered within 90 minutes of a central nervous system injury, near miraculous results can occur -- including prevention of paralysis. If this substance were carried in all ambulances, thousands of individuals would be spared paralysis -- and it costs only a few pennies per treatment. Why not carry it in your car? See “Spinal Cord Injury” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Pharmaceutical Drugs

  • ​Discover the truth about the class of drugs that has been closely connected to most of the needless shooting incidents that have plagued our society in recent years. See “Appendix B: Pharmaceutical Hijinks.”

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • ​Soldiers and Marines returning from combat must know about this simple technology that quickly resolves Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Post Combat Stress Disorder (PCSD). Don’t let your loved one suffer another moment. This technology has been designated effective by the Northern Ireland Department of Health and the Israeli National Council for Mental Health. See “Part Six: Mental Health.”


  • ​This natural substance is THE best ingredient for treating a swollen prostate. Hint: It’s not saw palmetto, pygeum, stinging nettle, lycopene, selenium, or zinc. It’ll lower your cholesterol, too! See “Part Four: Men’s Health.”


​FACT: Stress kills. Scientists have discovered that everyday stress ...

.... is a factor for the growth of cancerous tumors
.... is a major cause of heart disease
.... shuts down your immune system -- making you susceptible to
becoming a victim of any and all diseases.

  • Feeling sad and blue? Overwhelmed by stress and worries -- but don’t want to take prescription drugs? Stress and depression constitute the leading occupational disease of the 21st Century. Learn how to win the battle with our comprehensive chapter on stress and depression.
  • ​Discover over 15 different methods of breaking the cycle and rediscovering life’s pleasures. See “Part Six: Mental Health.”


  • ​Save your eyes using weak electrical impulses. This remarkable technology stops the progress of both the wet and dry forms of macular degeneration -- and can actually reverse the condition. Painless and inexpensive. See “Vision Disorders” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

Weight Loss

  • Lose weight fast with the University of Georgia three-ingredient, all-natural cocktail. See “Weight Loss” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

​Wound Healing

  • Heal acne, bacterial infections, MRSA, leg ulcers, psoriasis and open surgical wounds! Discover how a simple kitchen cabinet ingredient works medical wonders! Learn about the brand that works even better.
  • ​Take the “quantum leap” in electromagnetic healing and pain relief. Treat the underlying cause of your pain -- without dangerous drugs or unnecessary surgeries. One of these techniques allowed Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver Terrell Owens to play in Super Bowl XXXIX just 7 weeks after a severe ankle injury. Know what the pros know! See “Skin Conditions” Section in “Part One: Specific Health Conditions.”

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That means doctor-caused diseases are one of the leading cause of death in the U.S.

... people suffer unnecessarily from diseases such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and a host of degenerative diseases -- and even die -- because of what doctors don’t know.

​“Hundreds of millions of people have died unnecessarily from AIDS, cancer, heart disease and other preventable diseases and the only reason that these epidemics are still haunting mankind is that they are the multi billion-dollar marketplace for the pharmaceutical drug cartel."

Dr. Matthias Rath

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That’s why The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments is considered priceless by doctors like Dr. Ross Andersen, who said:

"Many doctors agree that the alternative treatments and medical procedures and devices presented in The Encyclopedia address the cause of disease ... unlike drugs that just alleviate symptoms and don’t cure disease at all."

Therefore, even though you have health insurance with great coverage, you still need to own The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments.


Because in the event that you do get sick, conventional healthcare and mainstream medicine do not offer solutions that get to the root of your health problem the way the treatments in The Encyclopedia do.

If you’re someone who does not have health insurance, it’s even more important that you own The Encyclopedia because it will be your "Virtual Medical Doctor" that answers all your health questions.

Owning this book is the equivalent of getting advice from hundreds of medical doctors, scientists, and scholars -- MD’s, ND’s, CCN’s, L.Ac., FAAFP’s , Ph.Ds, RPh’s -- and virtually all types of healthcare practitioners from around the world who have, in some way, contributed to significant breakthroughs in medicine.

The book is also -- hands down -- the best health insurance you can have because it provides you with effective strategies that can prevent you from getting sick in the first place.

​Wouldn’t you want to give yourself this kind of health insurance, and give it as a gift to everyone you care about?

​What If You Owned This Book a Year Ago?

​“For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, ’It might have been’...”

​John Greenleaf Whittier

We often live our lives looking back on our past, and saying "I could’ve..." or "I would’ve..." or "I should’ve..." And all of the lost opportunities come back to haunt us.

Today, I’m going to ask you to imagine what "might have been" if you owned The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments ... a year ago.

  • ​Who might have been cured because you told them about an alternative treatment option that you learned in the book?
  • ​Who might you have spared from unnecessary pain and suffering?
  • ​Whose life might you have saved?

At this moment, you have in front of you the key to a healthy future -- for yourself and your loved ones.

Another year will come and go -- whether you like it or not.

But by this time next year, you could have already made a significant difference in your health and the health of your friends and family because you chose to own The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments. 

Or .. you could have remained the same person with the same health problems you have today.

And by next year, you might have lost a loved one to an "incurable" disease that The Encyclopedia might have helped heal.

Decide right now to do something or do nothing -- but at the end of the year, you must accept the consequences of the decision you are making today.

I trust that you’ll choose the path that will change your life -- and your health -- forever.

To Your Health and Longevity,


Medical Research Associates

P.S. Here are MORE rave reviews from around the world.

What Folks Just Like You Are Saying...

​“No More Neuropathic Pain”

​“This device has made a huge difference in my life. I thought it was another con job when I read about it [in The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments] but I decided to get one.

This device is highly recommended for anyone having neuropathy as I did. IT WORKS!

After 16 years of agony I was astonished when after one treatment, as the company stated, it had an effect.

After a half hour, no more neuropathic pain. It came back slowly the next day and I had to use it for several weeks but now only once a week.

As you may know there is no drug that will kill that bloody pain. 24/7 of agonizing pain. The first few nights I kept waking up thinking there was something wrong because I had no pain. Now I know pain is optional when you know the alternatives."

​Neil W., Canada
​(Referring to the device discussed on page 119)

​“I understand the ‘real truth’ about osteoporosis ...
much better than what the doctors tell me."

“I bought The Encyclopedia two years ago. Whenever there is a medical problem, no matter what problem, I go straight to this book. The index is very big, so I always find what I am looking for.

I have a problem with osteoporosis, and the book helps me understand the ’real truth’ about that disease. Much better than what the doctors tell me.

When I have the flu or cold, now I know how to get rid of it fast.

Now I can also help my friends, neighbors, and other family because I use this book. I did help my sister with cancer, and many friends at work with many, many problems. I am from Korea, but I do not speak very good English. But I understand The Encyclopedia anyway.”

​Myong P., Seoul, South Korea

​"Truly Cutting-Edge Material"

​“I have been studying alternative health options for the last 20 years and I can’t think of any other health reference that embodies the range of information presented in this book.

As a non-medical layperson, I particularly appreciate the precise but easy-to-understand explanations of complex medical concepts that help me understand conditions as well as treatments for my ailments, including pain treatments.

The material is accessible to the layperson, but comprehensive enough to be immeasurably helpful to the health community, including traditional and alternative health practitioners.

The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs is a great work that will help many people. It is truly cutting-edge material.”

​Hope J., St. Paul, MN

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Q: How do I use the Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs?

A: 1) Simply look up any specific ailment, disease or health problem in the Index of the book.

2) Turn to the page(s) where alternative treatments for the specific disease are located.

3) Voila! You’ll find an amazing amount of in-depth, eye-opening information -- often not just one, but several effective treatment options -- and everything is spelled out in easy-to-understand English.

And best of all, The Encyclopedia gives detailed information on product sources, health practitioners or service providers that offer every alternative treatment -- all the way down to dosages, when necessary.

Q: How long will the Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs be available?

A: That’s a tough one. We can’t guarantee that this will be online forever.  But my mission to get this life-saving book into the hands of everyone who needs it. Since I know you’re an action taker the best way to guarantee your access to this information is to click below and secure your risk-free copy today.

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